Our proposal is based on our design department’s ability to interpret and adapt requirements and interact with customers in order to come up with tailor-made, industry-specific solutions.

We are constantly striving to achieve maximum customer satisfaction and the highest degree of personalisation. We invest and plan systematically to keep improving. It is our contribution to a virtuous value chain that hopefully pushes everyone to do their best.

Industrial applications

Multi-sided applications in a variety of sectors where thrust or traction power is required in the production process

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Lifting equipment, fixed and mobile cranes, both onshore and offshore

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Presses for hot and cold metalworking, presses for automotive and aerospace metal plate machining

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Gates for dams and sluices for water control, hydraulic turbine regulation systems


Dosing and filling machines

Infrastructures and construction

Anti-seismic systems for viaducts and infrastructures, concrete pumps

Paper and wood working industries

Presses for processing chipboard and composite wood, presses for veneering, silos with movable floors

Waste treatment

Presses for compactors, briquetting machines, filter presses

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Hydraulic opening systems, tender lifts


Drilling machines for micropiles, tunnel boring machines, piston pumps for mining applications

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Oil & Gas

Hydraulic or pneumatic actuators for valves

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Gas compressors

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