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PAGANI EUGENIO, a company active since 1979, was born as a small mechanical workshop catering for the surrounding area: today, it has grown into a market standard setter, both nationally and internationally, in the field of turnkey production, customised machining and servicing of special hydraulic cylinders, honed tubes and hydraulic components, used in many different industrial sectors and for the most diverse applications.

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Cylinder machining

One of the main assets of our range of services is high-tech machining – supplied for many years to several manufacturing companies which have come to rely on our dependability and efficiency.

These machining operations are largely customized and adapted to customer requirements and intended uses; they range from honing, deep boring, skiving roller burnishing, turning, milling and drilling, to welding and chrome plating.


Our range focuses on three product categories: honed tubes, hydraulic oil components and special hydraulic cylinders.

Thanks to our industry-specific expertise, we can supply high profile technical consultancy, ranging from design, to the correction of any imbalances, all the way to the creation of special solutions to meet non-standard needs in terms of size and purpose. Actual manufacturing is accurate, uncompromising, and based on the use of the best raw materials available.

Cylinder maintenance

Anyone dealing with hydraulic applications designed to develop considerable strength is aware of the importance of maintenance for efficiency, safety and performance consistency.

Our company can offer a highly reliable routine and extraordinary maintenance service.

Industry, lifting, hydroelectric, naval, oil & gas, food and more.
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