Performed in cold drawn tubes for hydraulic cylinders, skiving-rollerburnishing has the purpose of making the surface smooth for the piston with seals to slide on. Unlike honing, skiving-rollerburnishing requires the material to be upset with special rollers that cause permanent plastic deformation: the result is a surface with very low roughness Ra, below 0.20my.

Our production process

Skiving-rollerburnishing is performed on EN10305 tubes with suitable stock allowance, generally -0.5-0.7 mm, and features a higher productivity than honing; for this reason skiving-rollerburnishing is performed on standard bars available commercially.

This solution makes it possible to create good value, functional cylinders as long as no welds are required that are likely to deform the tube and affect smooth piston sliding.


Given the company’s focus on customization, PAGANI EUGENIO srl’s production typically includes cut pieces and various types of welded parts, e.g. an oil inlet stud which has the purpose of ensuring a surface that always matches the required tolerance despite the welds.

Our production range starts from ID.50 up to ID.140 mm and lengths up to 3000 mm.

Production tolerances up to H8 and MAX Ra <0.20my.