Anyone dealing with hydraulic applications designed to develop considerable strength is aware of the importance of maintenance for efficiency, safety and performance consistency. Our company can offer a highly reliable routine and outstanding maintenance service.

It is important to choose a cylinder correctly, but it is just as important to maintain it.

Types of maintenance

Scheduled cylinder maintenance: One or more annual checks must be programmed in advance based on the hours of operation; if, upon visual inspection, any leaks or unusual wear are found (e.g. stem scratches), action will be taken accordingly.
Proper routine maintenance extends the service life of the cylinder and helps ensure a high standard of operation.

Unscheduled cylinder maintenance: Urgent action required after sudden, unpredictable failures.
If unscheduled maintenance is required, it is necessary to rely on skilled industry specialists as this is a very delicate process that requires specific know-how and extra care.

Our maintenance operations

When the cylinder to be repaired is returned to our factory, the following operations are carried out:

  1. Inspection and checking, including disassembly, after which all components are meticulously inspected. In this way the cause of the break is ascertained;
  2. Visual and dimensional inspection of the components (coupling dimensions and tolerances);
  3. Writing of a technical report explaining the defect(s) found;
  4. Drafting of a technical data sheet with the proposed solution (e.g. gasket replacement, light sanding, re-chroming of the stem, reconstruction of the liner with recovery of components, etc.)
  5. Survey of the components to be rebuilt or possibly recovered, subsequent preparation of a technical drawing, before choosing the materials and treatments for the parts to be rebuilt;
  6. Analysis of the recovery or construction of parts, with measurements and production of drawings for spare parts;
  7. Start of construction of the necessary parts and dimensional check (with related test sheet).

Once all the components have been restored, produced and completed, the next steps are:

  1. Mechanical assembly of the cylinder according to a complete assembly cycle with intermediate checks;
  2. Hydraulic (checking for any leaks) and mechanical testing (functional check when idle);
  3. Hydraulic pressure test, on request (testing of the pressurised cylinder with related Pressure Testing Certificate);
  4. Any treatments such as paint finishing according to customer specifications.

After thorough completion of all the operations listed above, chances are excellent that our cylinder will deliver long-lasting efficiency and performance consistency.

Please note that once the warranty has expired, a spare part supply service can be offered by PAGANI EUGENIO to help source spare parts when needed. During the maintenance operations listed above, we can recreate construction drawings to be used to manage spare part supplies over time.

Case history

Our assembly and test bench for cylinders

In 2015, in cooperation with the company AF Automazione, we gave substance to a project for the installation in our facilities, of the first and most important test bench ever built, by such partner, up to that moment.

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